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Fritz wanted to meet the people who make America’s most superior truck

  • Fritz visited the KY Ford Plant

  • The staff was incredible and took Fritz on a 6 hour tour of the plant

  • Fritz learns some tricks of the trade

  • The Ford staff with Fritz and his mother

  • Frtiz bought his first Ford truck at the age of 15

  • Fritz found out that his wish to visit the KY Ford Plant was coming true!

“ I am a hard working, business oriented, and mature 17 year old. ”

- Wish Kid Fritz

Fritz is absolutely fascinated with the Ford Truck line and bought his own Ford truck at age 15 with money he made doing odd jobs. His knowledge of Ford is outstanding; he knows everything from the history of the organization down to how many trucks they produce per hour. So when asked to choose a wish, Fritz didn't have to think too long about what he wanted...

Fritz's wish was to visit the Ford Truck Plant in Kentucky and "meet the people who make America’s most superior pickup truck." According to Fritz, Ford makes a superior product, unmatched and unsurpassed by any other truck manufacturer in this country.

The Kentucky Ford Plant went above and beyond for Fritz's visit. The staff treated him like royalty and escorted him around the plant for an extensive 6 hour tour. Fritz even got experience working on the assembly line!

Looking to his future, Fritz hopes to have a career at Ford Motor Company. He loves Ford Trucks and thinks that there is nothing better than being able to work with the product he loves.

Thank you Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana for assisting with Fritz's wish!

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