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From Father to Wish Dad - Ken

Ken Emerson & Emalee

We invite you to read what local wish dads are saying, as they have seen the life-affirming mission of Make-A-Wish firsthand. Fathers like Ken, whose daughters, Emerson & Emalee, experienced the life-affirming mission of Make-A-Wish while on their wishes to go to the Walt Disney World Resort.

What impact would you say Emalee & Emerson's wishes had on you and your family?

I feel the impact on Emalee & Emerson was great. The nature of their illnesses can drag them down with seemingly endless doctor’s appointments, the wearing of heart monitors, and the daily drudgery of taking their meds. Life can get pretty daily and discouraging. The girls' wishes provided them with an opportunity to step out of their world for a few days and experience another. One filled with more exciting aspects of life they would not have otherwise ever experienced. We saw them laugh a lot and their eyes were filled with the wonder of life. Their wishes were good for them…and for all of us.

Now that you’ve seen firsthand the mission of Make-A-Wish, what do you think it means to be a “wish dad”?

Being a Wish Dad is an honor, one I never would have expected and couldn’t have predicted. I’m grateful for the opportunity. Having a large family and lots of sick, special needs kids means going without a lot. The dream of such a trip was only that, a dream, before Make-A-Wish came into the picture. Now we have experienced firsthand the life-impacting mission of this wonderful organization. Such an honor.

Why do you think it’s important to support Make-A-Wish?

Supporting Make-A-Wish is important because the wishes granted infuse families with hope and remind them that they’re not alone…that there really are people who care about the impossible times through which we are going. What a blessing!

If you had to tell outsiders one thing about the power of a wish, what would it be?

The power of the Make-A-Wish organization is the wonderful people behind it. From their perspective, they may think they’re in the business of granting wishes. From the perspective of the families that receive the wish, we understand that, in reality, they’re in the business of granting encouragement.   

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