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From Mother to Wish Mom - Terri

Terri and Brooklyn

We invite you to read what local wish moms are saying, as they have seen the life-affirming mission of Make-A-Wish firsthand. Mother’s like Terri, whose daughter experienced a resurgence of hope after her wish to go to the Walt Disney World Resort. 

Q: What impact would you say Brooklyn's wish had on you and your family?

A: As our child waited for her special wish to be granted, a bittersweet excitement was realized. As a parent, you fiercely desire that they couldn’t qualify for a wish because they had not lived with pain and suffering, and that their life was not walked on the fragile ledge between this one and the next. Yet, you are thankful for the opportunity to soften that hardship with a special moment chosen and prepared especially for them.

Our whole family became part of a dream. We were blessed to be presented with renewed hope when Brooklyn was granted an incredibly special wish to Florida. I remember watching our daughters hold hands and laugh together as they shared a simple fireworks show at the Disney castle. All that existed in that moment was a sweet innocence and joyful expectation that a perfect week of uninterrupted family time was ahead of them. No doctor appointments, procedures, surgeries, or time spent sitting and waiting in hospitals for either of them; for life is not normal for a critically ill child or their sibling(s).

Our precious girl had lived seven years of her life in a smaller than port-a-crib sized baby bed. No one ate with her; no one talked to her. She had absolutely nothing because of her heart condition. When we adopted her at age nine, she was constantly at the hospital. It was one procedure or surgery after another, while she also had to learn new smells, sounds, sights, language, and bond and attach with a family. She had no idea wishes even existed. Our Make-A-Wish trip opened a new world, a new life for her. She was able to begin dreaming and believing that the world was much bigger and better than she ever imagined. We were blessed to watch that joy unfurl and blossom.

Q: Now that you’ve seen firsthand the mission of Make-A-Wish, what do you think it means to be a “wish mom”?

A wish mom is the bearer of dreams. We feel the heart of our child daily. We wipe the tears, smooth the worries, and live the pain. Make-A-Wish is a ministry of love. Receiving pure attention and personal care for every child and their family from Make-A-Wish allows a mother and father to relax and know that someone else sees and values the suffering and sacrifice an innocent child has had to endure. When Make-A-Wish ministers to a child, they heal a piece of the parent.

Q: Why do you think it’s important to support Make-A-Wish?

A: Supporting Make-A-Wish is supporting dreams, hope, and love. Make-A-Wish is not about getting something. It is about upholding life and family in the truest form. It is uplifting those who have been given difficult loads to carry and encouraging them to find, or hold onto, faith in the journey of life. It restores hope and the ability to face tomorrow with a joyful spirit.

Q: If you had to tell outsiders one thing about the power of a wish, what would it be?

Make-A-Wish dispenses HOPE. The power of a wish brings a vision of the future. Having something positive to look forward to, especially as a family, sparks the bonding power to endure.


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