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My First Day as Make-A-Wish Missouri Intern

Marketing Intern Madi
First days suck. For over-thinkers, they really suck.

I remember my first day of college, wearing a long sleeve flannel in 80+ degree weather because I thought my outfit was more important than basic comfort, apparently. Or when I panicked because I couldn't find my very first college class ever. It turns out, I needed to go up just one level.

Or my first day at Starbucks. I walked in and was terrified it would be so busy and I wouldn't be able to keep up. What really happened was there was an ice storm that day, scaring away all college students from caffeine and our boss sending us all home early. Also, one of the only drinks I made that day was one for myself.

It was no different for my first day at Make-A-Wish. I thought about how I would walk in, who I should go to, how early was too early and so on. Instead, I was greeted at the door by one of the employees that interviewed me and she welcomed me with a smile and a bottled water. My anxious brain never fails me.

It was a mix of nervousness, yet excitement on my first day interning at Make-A-Wish. The nerves faded quickly because of the nature of the atmosphere there. Let me explain what I mean.

One of the first things I did there was sit through orientation via a slideshow presentation. It was a lot of what you would expect in a job orientation: the history of the company, its mission and its goals. However, this wasn't completely like any other orientation. Aside from the adorable pictures displayed on the screen of children with faces filled with so much joy, there was also a video. It was this video:

During this video, I couldn't help but tear up. It was in this moment that a rush of gratitude washed over me. How many other job orientations can you sit through and tear up because of the emotions of the work you're contributing to? Not many.

After my orientation, I was given a tour of the office, shown where the bathrooms are (RIGHT across the hall--blessed), and met all of the genuine people that are the faces behind this incredible organization.

I watched training videos and learned things like the wish age eligibility (2½ to under 18), who can refer kids to Make-A-Wish, the inspiration for this organization beginning in 1980 and the four types of wishes: I wish to be, I wish to have, I wish to go, and I wish to meet.

I ate lunch at my desk like a real adult. I took plenty of bathroom breaks because I'm Madi.

Then we had our first official marketing meeting with the two full-time marketing employees, the other marketing intern and myself. We discussed summer projects that'll we'll be responsible for, creative freedom in blogging, taking field trips to get out of the office and watched a few more heartfelt videos. One project I'm especially excited about but I'm not going to give everything away in this one post! Overall, I'm really excited about the team I'll be working with and my main responsibility being writing.

You can expect the unexpected of certain details, such as dreaming about all the ways your first day can go wrong or anticipating awkward first impressions with people. But you can't expect everything because it is impossible.

I never expected that I would graduate from the University of Missouri with a journalism degree to then pursue marketing. I never expected to be lucky enough to land a marketing internship with one of the most recognizable and respected nonprofits in America, impacting children's lives every single day. I never expected to get teary eyed during my job orientation. I never expected to sit in on a staff meeting the first day and hear some of the incredibly CREATIVE wishes these kids come up with. And so on.

I think I'm really going to live for these moments: the ones I can't expect, no matter how late I stay up the night before thinking I can.

Embrace the unexpected? I plan to.

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