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Jul 01, 2019

From College Student to Make-A-Wish Intern: Kathyrn Finnerty

We recently sat down with Make-A-Wish Interns and asked a couple questions about their experiences. This week’s featured intern is Kathryn Finnerty who works alongside our Mission Resources team.

When asked to talk about what working for Make-A-Wish meant to her, she talked about how Make-A-Wish is truly a unique organization. Despite its large, national appearance, it feels very intimate. “Everyone within the chapter is extremely close with one another,” said Kathryn. “Just by talking to everyone here, you’re able to see how dedicated they are to advance the mission of Make-A-Wish.” Kathryn also talked about how unique the events are, referencing the Bubble Ball for Wishes Sake held in Kansas City.

Each intern has a reason they want to be here. Kathryn shared how the mission of Make-A-Wish is something she truly admires due to the impact cancer has had on her own family. “Being involved in an organization that helps alleviate the stress associated with a critical illness is amazing,” said Kathryn. She further explained that she gets joy out of the excitement created here when we send wish kids off to fulfill their one-true wish. Acknowledging the stress that comes along with critical illnesses, Kathryn said she gains satisfaction knowing she is contributing to the powerful mission of Make-A-Wish.

Kathryn then talked about how she felt after she found out she was interning at Make-A-Wish. The word she used to describe that moment was “intimidating.” She further explained this intimidation came from her realization of how recognized Make-A-Wish was, and she wanted to ensure everything went smoothly. After her first day, all that stress disappeared. “All the people here were willing and able to help me in any way I needed, making my internship something I was excited to go to every day.”

Kathryn has been doing a lot of work with the Bubble Ball event that will be held in Kansas City, MO in September and mentioned how excited she is to see the vision come to fruition. Kathryn stated that she has gained a lot of experience through this internship and it has made her excited about what she will do with her future. 

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