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My Last Day as a Make-A-Wish Intern

Madi and Sam
Some things are easy to prepare for. You know what the expectations are, you know the experiences others have had and from that, you guess what the end result will be; you know what you’ll walk away with. You adjust and anticipate what you believe your experience will be based on knowledge and speculation you have.

And for other things, you have no idea what to expect.

That’s how my internship at Make-A-Wish was. As someone born into a family full of pharmacists, I was the first to pursue marketing and more specifically, nonprofit marketing. I didn’t know anyone who had previously worked at Make-A-Wish to ask them what to expect. Fresh out of college, I was going into the nonprofit world blind.

When I started back in June, I knew a few things going into it as a marketing intern. I knew I would use my passion for writing and help market the wonderful organization of Make-A-Wish. A few tweets here and there and maybe the chance to break out my camera and practice photography. What I didn’t know and what I couldn’t plan for, was the depth of the impact that this internship would have on me. In my first intern blog post, I talked about one project that I was especially excited for but didn’t share much detail.

During these past few months, I was given the opportunity to interview wish parents to talk to them about their child’s wish experience. I would contact the family through email, asking if I could set up a phone interview. From there, we would talk about their child, the wish experience, and anything they wanted to add. I think it’s noteworthy to add that I was never turned down for one of these interviews. I think that proves the power of a wish; most people want to share the hope and strength they gained from it.

I wrote wish stories, press releases and blog posts. I met wish kids, parents and volunteers. I traveled to KC to attend a premiere fundraising event. I attended other events that were local but still extraordinary.

I remember ending my first blog post by saying that I planned to embrace the unexpected. I’m confident that I did. I’m sad that my internship here at Make-A-Wish is coming to an a close. But it’s not the end. I plan on volunteering as a wish granter. I plan on staying in touch with the friends I made here, the same ones that welcomed me with a smile on that first day of mine. I plan on continuing to serve as a voice for Make-A-Wish because even though I will no longer be an intern, the work that you do here is contagious. I want the mission of Make-A-Wish to spread like wildfire, our voices being the fuel to help it travel farther.

I learned the misconceptions of Make-A-Wish, the driving force behind the mission of this organization and the impact of a wish truly meant.

I knew that wishes had an impact. What I learned was how far that impact stretches. Beyond the wish kids, it impacts the parents, the siblings, the donors and people like myself. Part of the mission of Make-A-Wish is “to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.” Truer words have never been spoken.

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