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Twins Blake and Blaine share their wishes with each other

Blake and Blaine
Blake and Blaine are the closest of friends, and it just so happens that they are five-year-old identical twins. As with most sets of twins, these boys share everything: the good, and in their case, even the bad. These particular twins share a serious medical condition referred to as twin to twin transfusion syndrome which has resulted in several medical complications including a negative impact on their nervous systems. The boys are non-verbal, but they communicate with each other, and their family, through expression and sign language.

Despite their medical issues, Blake and Blaine have each other, and their mother describes them as “very happy little boys. They always have smiles on their faces.” The twins spend every day together – through therapy sessions, doctors’ visits, and their favorite Disney movies – Blake and Blaine exist together, and together both brothers were able to share their wish with each other, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Blake and Blaine at Disney As Disney’s films are such an important part of the boys’ lives, Blake’s wish was to visit the place at the heart of them all, Walt Disney World.

As the family’s rental car pulled into the parking lot, Blake’s excitement could be seen streaming across his face. The castle that he had seen in countless Disney movies was now in sight. His wish was coming true. 

At the park, the boys’ medical issues took a back seat to their happiness. Mickey Mouse greeted the boys warmly, and as if knowing that the twins were non-verbal, the larger-than-life Disney character signed “love” to the boys. There are no words that could describe this moment, except unequivocal love. The family has a picture from their trip sitting on their coffee table, and even to this day, Blake continues to point happily at the photo. It still brings him joy whenever he needs a little extra boost. 

Blaine used his heartfelt wish to bring strength and freedom to his family in the form of a pool. Before his wish, the boys’ parents would travel over an hour to take Blaine and his brother to attend pool therapy outside their hometown. The therapy sessions brought great benefit to the boys, but the trip and the preparation for the journey were labor intensive for the family.

While the pool was being built, Blaine’s excitement grew, and grew, and grew. Now, Blaine and his brother have a private oasis to grow stronger, together. The boys and their family no longer have to travel to pool therapy; they can escape to their backyard for therapy and fun-filled “swim days.” Blaine and Blake swim more now than they ever could have before, and while Blaine prefers the pool more than his brother, Blake happily plays on the steps while his brother swims, assisted by floaties, all on his own.

For the boys, their heartfelt wishes not only benefited themselves; their wishes have had a lasting impact on each other. After all, the twins exist together, and it is that sense of togetherness which has created a lifetime of memories they can cherish forever.

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