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Sep 19, 2017

At Make-A-Wish Missouri,
We Work For Them

Imagine a child.

They parade around, drawing attention to themselves with their infectious personalities. Sometimes you break and let them have ice cream twice in one day, but for the most part, ice cream is only for special occasions or weekends. You would never trust them to cook dinner for you or give the pets the correct medicine. You have to remind them to brush their teeth and push away their finger when it goes into their nose. It’s a while before they are able to dress themselves on their own in something other than a ninja turtle costume or a princess dress. You would never give them the responsibility of keeping track of your meetings for the week, let alone let them walk across the parking lot without someone holding their hand.

They are incapable of certain things like picking out the weekly groceries for the family or before the age of 16, driving a car. We don’t let them pick their bedtime every night or plan the family reunions. Kids rely on you and for the most part, kids are limited.

Now, imagine your boss.

You respect them and trust them. You trust them to plan meetings and send out mass emails to the company. You rely on them to speak at certain events and never have to worry about them dressing accordingly. Male or female, you report to them. Whatever they say, goes. Unlike kids, your bosses aren’t limited. In fact, they are quite the opposite.

Braxton working  Except at Make-A-Wish, it’s different.

At Make-A-Wish, the kids are our bosses. Male or female, we report to them. Whatever they say, goes. They want to skip a few days of school for a treasure hunt in Hawaii? Sure. 
They want a specific breed of puppy and to name it after their favorite superhero? No problem. They want their own swimming pool during the hot, summer days? Absolutely.  

It doesn’t matter if it’s not a special occasion or a holiday, if they want that ice cream, they’re going to get it. We work tirelessly here to fulfill all the wishes our bosses ask from us, whether it’s a building a treehouse, being a mom for the day or going to Legoland. 

They decide the what, where and the how and we are there to make it happen. 
Braxton making copies We work out all the details per their request. Just like any other boss, we make sure their plane tickets are bought for their trip. We touch base with them to see how it’s going. We plan their itineraries. 

Most importantly, we work together as a team to achieve this effectively. From donors, to volunteer wish granters, to wish coordinators, and our incredible wish partners, everyone is doing their part for the kids. We treat them with respect and like any other boss we’ve ever had and perform above and beyond for them.

After all, we work for them. 

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