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Wish Kid Noah

Wish kid Noah and his family
When Make-A-Wish® Missouri asked me what my one-true wish was, I knew I wanted to meet someone. I only had dreams of meeting people I admired. The first person on my list was Cam Newton because I always liked him and he’s my favorite football player.

Even when he played for Auburn, I liked him. I also wanted to meet Lionel Messi, a soccer player for FC Barcelona because I like soccer but can no longer play due to my medical issues. There was one event I wanted to attend and that was WrestleMania 32 in Dallas. I thought it would be cool to have the opportunity to see the biggest wrestling event live in person.

But…I decided that meeting Cam Newton was my one-true wish. I decided that was it because I always heard nice things about him and I always, and still do, follow him through his career. His personality inspired me to be a funny guy myself, which is another reason I wanted to meet him.

Here is a video that was created highlighting my wish. In the video you will see the moment where I found out my wish was coming true and I’m not going to lie, I immediately cried tears of joy when I saw my family and classmates. I’m not afraid to say it. You would have cried too. I hope you enjoy...

I had no idea why they were there, but I saw my volunteer wish granters and knew something was up. Getting a Cam Newton jersey was lit. (Lit means awesome for those of you not hip to kid’s lingo these days.)

When I found out I was meeting Cam Newton, I was thinking about how exciting it was that he actually said yes. One of the camera crew members, Peter, came to my house to interview me and my family and I instantly felt like we were celebrities. I found out they were interviewing me because I was going to be the face of the Make-A-Wish Lokai bracelet. Steven Izen, the creator of Lokai, chose me to be interviewed and followed me along on my wish. Steven and I are still good friends today and talk weekly.

Leading up to my wish, the days were all going by super slow because I could not wait to get to North Carolina and meet Cam Newton. I thought the days would go fast but they didn’t. I had to wait my whole spring break until I got to go.

As I stepped off the plane in Charlotte, I had my own cheering section of Make-A-Wish North Carolina people and Steven Izen. The camera crew was also there. I met two other boys and their families on the shuttle to our hotel. They were also there to meet Cam Newton. As I walked into my hotel room, there were a ton of surprises from Cam Newton and Under Armour. There were many shirts, duffle bags, and pairs of tennis shoes, along with an itinerary of events to come.

The whole experience was lit, but my favorite part was obviously when Cam came into the bowling alley. I couldn’t believe it. I was star struck. He is so nice and signed all the memorabilia I had.

Recently Make-A-Wish asked me what my three favorite moments of my wish were. I would have to say meeting Cam at the bowling alley, getting a VIP tour of the Panthers stadium, and attending the Hornet’s game with Cam in his suite…and boy was it sweet.

For those of you who may not know, there is a Make-A-Wish saying, “The Power of a Wish”. People ask me all the time if it’s true. Well, I can tell you firsthand, it definitely is a true statement. For me, it means any time I am sick, I can remember my experience with Cam and the friends that I made. Any child who receives a wish can forget about their life-threatening illness, whether it is for a day, a week, or a lifetime. That, my friends, is powerful.

Because of my wish, I decided that I wanted to give back and help grant other wishes to kids like me. So I formed a Walk Team at this year’s Walk For Wishes. My team, “Noah’s Crew” was one of the largest teams that showed up. I also decided to help my mom’s school become a “Kids for Wish Kids®” school and fundraised throughout the school year to raise enough money to grant two wishes. I’ve spoken at trivia nights, shared my story nationally, and even became a member of the Make-A-Wish Missouri social media street team to share the life-changing experience that a wish can bring.

While all this is great, I can’t wait to turn eighteen so that I can become a volunteer Wish Granter. I want to experience what it feels like to see a kid’s face when they find out their one-true wish is coming true. I want to be on the other side and be able to wish it forward.

I’m going to leave you with this, and this is very important. Wishes will never leave the minds of wish kids. The memories from our wishes last forever! Having a life-threatening illness isn’t always bad, because we have amazing supporters in our corner making wishes like mine come true. So thank you for donating, volunteering, and referring children to Make-A-Wish Missouri. You are all heroes in my book. 



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