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Jalisha Named Honorary St. Louis County Police Officer

  • Jalisha during her police training

  • Jalisha learning how to use the handcuffs

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  • Jalisha arrived in style!

  • Jalisha got to work with the polic dogs

“ Jalisha thought that May 29 was going to start like many others – with a doctor appointment... ”

Wish kid, Jalisha, age 14, has been battling end stage renal disease since her diagnosis in May 2013. She loves reading, cooking and when she grows up she wants to “be a cop.” So it’s no surprise her one true wish is to be a police officer for the day.

Jalisha has been battling End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) since her diagnosis in May 2013. ESRD is when the kidneys stop working well enough for you to live without dialysis or a transplant.  This kind of kidney failure is permanent and cannot be fixed.  Most cases of ESRD are caused by diabetes or high blood pressure. 

Jalisha thought that Thursday, May 29, 2014 was starting like any other – with a doctor appointment at SSM Cardinal Glennon Hospital. Jalisha’s 2 wish granters, a police officer and a camera crew met Jalisha in the main lobby of Cardinal Glennon to reveal that she does not have a doctor appointment and that she is getting her wish granted of being a police officer for the day. The helicopter on the helipad was her ride for the morning and it took her to the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy for her first stop, training.

After going through the academy, Jalisha and the officers got a call from the Mayor stating his office received a call that all 3 St. Louis Mascots have been captured and are being held hostage somewhere in St. Louis. The officers inform the Mayor that they are on it and will find the individual responsible. The officers had a meeting to discuss the plan of action and moved accordingly. To complete their investigation they went to the “homes” of the mascots and looked for clues or any information that may have lead them to where the mascots were being held.  

Jalisha arrived at the Jones Dome and interviewed an employee to see if the person could recall anything out of the ordinary. The employee told the officers and Jalisha that they remembered seeing Rampage arguing with someone, but could not recall who. They then interviewed a couple of people outside of the dome to see if they witnessed anything. They had seen Rampage with someone, but didn’t know who, and saw them heading toward Scottrade Center.

At Scottrade, they interviewed employees, hoping to uncover any clues on where to find the mascots. The information they received lead them to Ballpark Village. Once at Ballpark Village, they went to Jim Hayes in the FoxSports Midwest booth. They asked for his assistance in getting the word out to the public that the mascots have been captured and to let the police know if they had any leads. As they are leaving the broadcast booth, they received an anonymous tip that lead them to Busch Stadium.  

Once at Busch stadium, they found the mascots being held by the Rally Squirrel. Jalisha and the officers talked with Rally and made him understand that he must release the mascots or he would find himself in even more hot water. After a while, Rally released the mascots. They all picked Jalisha up in great thankfulness and carried her outside where a crowd was cheering for her and the officers for saving the mascots.

After the officers and Jalisha thanked the community, they headed to Maggiano’s, where a celebration dinner was happening, honoring her for her good police work. She was presented with a present from the Chief and named an honorary St. Louis County Police Officer.

Come see Jalisha at this year's St. Louis - Walk For Wishes, on April 15th in Forest Park, as she has been named one of the official 2017 Make-A-Wish Ambassadors.   

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