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Travis Explores the Islands During His Hawaiian Wish

Playing in the sand

“ I think the whole experience was awesome. ”

- Travis

My Wish Was To Go To Pearl Harbor

By Travis

Going to Hawaii the flight is very long of course we had to leave our house at 4 in the morning with 20 hours of flight but I had no problem with it. By the time we finally got to Hawaii at like 7 at night we were all jet lagged for a couple of days but we got over it. We stayed at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach Hotel. It was really nice. It had a beach and a pool and very nice people. We got a suite at the hotel; it was very nice as well.

One thing we did in Hawaii was go to the Dole Plantation. We went on a tour around the whole thing which was fun. We got to see where they grow all the pineapple, sugarcane, and all the other things they grow there. They even grow coffee. We got to eat pineapple ice cream there which has got to be the best ice cream I have ever had. It was amazing.

Then we got to go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay which was formed because it used to be a volcano. The water was very clear and you could see a lot of tropical fish. We brought our own snorkeling gear so we didn’t have to rent any which was good. Once we got done there we went and drove around the island. It was beautiful.  We saw a lot of the mountains and the ocean and beaches, it was great.

Pearl Harbor was amazing. I loved everything about it! We got to do just about everything there was to do there. We went on the USS Arizona memorial which was the coolest thing ever just to see it in real life. They of course had a lot of museums there which was very entertaining. They had a lot of artifacts and things. Then we got to go in the USS Bowfin which was a submarine they had there. We got to also go on the USS Missouri. My Dad and I got a special pass to go down in the ship in places they don’t allow regular tourist to go like down all the way in the engine room. We got to go in the big 16” guns.  We spent at least 4 hours on that ship.  We also went to the Pacific Aviation Museum. They had all the old planes. In the hangars that used to hold all the planes you could still see the bullet holes which were really cool.

Anther really cool thing we got to go on was the nature tour up in the jungle part of the mountains. It was really cool and beautiful. The trail was an incline most of the time but it wasn’t that bad and it was all dirt so we got a little muddy which I thought was awesome. All of it was worth it because the whole thing led up to a very tall waterfall.  We had a really nice tour guide to who told us all about the forest and the plants and trees. I think the whole experience was awesome.

We also went to a luau which was very interesting. They taught you a lot of their culture and stuff. They had games and people performing Hawaiian music. The food they served us was good they had mashed potatoes and the pig of course. We tried the Poi that I thought has no taste what so ever and, of course, pineapple and a lot of other food. There was live entertainment while we all ate so that was nice. All the people there were extremely nice.

And, the last day we were in Hawaii we spent the whole day swimming on Waikiki beach.

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