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Augie wished to go to Disneyland to meet his favorite characters

Augie with Car

“ The best sight to see was his ear to ear smile on his face and seeing him able to be a happy kid again ”

- Wish Mom Kimberly

After Augie was diagnosed with cancer at only 18 months old, his entire family rallied around him and found themselves submerged in a world of hospital visits, medical treatments and uncertainty. From the moment he was diagnosed, he and his parents have had to travel back and forth to New York City every four weeks for treatment and doctor visits.
He and his parents have been forced to go to New York City for his treatments, doctor visits and scans.

This did not only alter this innocent boy’s life.  It impacted his whole family.  Both of Augie’s siblings are older than he is and (forced) to miss out on parts of their own childhood due to Augie’s medical condition. Since the treatments he needed were every four weeks, Augie and his parents flew to New York constantly. Each time they would visit, they had to stay for about a week for his doctor visits and treatments.  Due to the expense of flights, his siblings weren’t able to go with them.  This quickly became very challenging for the family, since they were often apart from one another.  But as Augie’s mom Kimberly said, “His wish brought us back together as a family.”

When Augie thought about his heartfelt wish, he envisioned a place where he could meet his favorite characters and see race cars who speak!  His favorite movie is Cars, so it was no surprise that his one true wish was to go to Disneyland® and meet his favorite character, Lightning McQueen.

During their time at Disneyland®, Augie was able to spend quality time with his favorite characters, as well as ride some rides like the Minions ride with his siblings. He was even able to dance with some of the minions! When asked what his favorite part of his wish, he answered without hesitation that it was being able to meet Mator from Cars and Mickey Mouse.

Not only did they visit Disneyland®, but they were also able to experience the magic of Universal Studios and the beauty of Queen’s Mary Beach to soak up some sun!

For Augie and his family his wish gave them the ability to take their minds off of all of the negativity associated with his condition, and it was exactly what they needed! “The best sight to see was his ear to ear smile on his face and seeing him able to be a happy kid again,” said Kimberly. He will long cherish the memories of his wish and use them to receive strength and hope as he continues on his journey of recovery.

Thanks to supporters like you, Augie was able to escape from his day to day fight with cancer and experience the positive impact that one true wish can bring. He was able to just be a kid again, which is all that a three-year-old should have to worry about.

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Augie with minion

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